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PC Problems
Added: 29 September 2009
Jewel is having problems with her pc and has called Coral over for advice. Coral's idea of pc help is to snog Jewel and then get her big baps out to play. All thoughts of computers forgotten, Coral soon has Jewel laid back in the chair while she mercilessly tongues her wet labia and hard clit. Finally, she pounds Jewel with a toy until she orgasms helplessly.
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Bedtime reading
Added: 18 June 2009
Full figured slut Coral is catching up with her reading, more wank mag than classic literature. Turned on by the porn she is soon touching her tits and rubbing her fat moist fanny. Finding a rabbit the maid left she is soon ramming it into her tight slot and showing off her massive arse. Bed time reading can be fun.
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Double Ended Delight
Added: 26 May 2009
It's always fun to use a double ender and when you've got Coral and Jewel on either end of it, it's fantastic. The two chubby, horny milfs really get down to it and it's a whole lot of female flesh on show. Sitting with each end of the dildo stuffed in their pussies they really love it!
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Coral's water feature
Added: 05 February 2009
When the weather is warm you'll find the yummy plumper Coral likes to get out into the garden. Mind you, her gardening clobber is a bit on the light side, sexy black bikini and see through wrap and she soon is prancing naked under the garden hose. Then she's lying back in a deck chair and squirting the water all over her hot wet slit. Titchmarsh would have a fit!
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Ice cream and cock!
Added: 07 November 2008
Slutty plump milf Coral likes her ice cream, espcially rubbed on her soft pink boobs and hard nipples. She also likes cock it seems and when it's covered in ice cream for her to suck and lick it's a real treat!
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