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Tiny dress
Added: 19 April 2016
Emily Cartwright was wearing a tiny tight mini dress the other day. Sensing out approval, she showed off her new bra, with lots of cleavage. Then she was pulling her knickers tight over her long pussy lips enjoying the feeling of the material on her labia. Unable to wait longer, Emily produced a glass toy and stuffed it into her over sensitive pussy, relishing the sensations as she orgasmed.
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Boob match
Added: 09 September 2015
Emily and Michelle both love big boobs so when they got together it was boob heaven for them. Emily soon had her hands and mouth on Michelle's big hangers and Michelle loved the chance to suck on Emily's very firm nipples. Emily pushed Michelle back on the sofa and rubbed her moist slot with her tongue, probing and enjoying the wetness. Finally, Michelle got a toy out and pumped Emily's hot slot while licking her clitty.
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Nurse Emily
Added: 08 March 2013
Its medical checkup day and Nurse Emily is here to show us how her stethoscope works. Its a bit of a problem as her tits as so big she can't hear a thing. Pulling out her huge soft pink boobs she checks them all over. Then its an internal deep examination with her glass dildo and a detailed look at her soaking wet pussy ending in a very loud orgasm. Just what the doctor ordered.
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