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Crammed in boobs
Added: 14 July 2016
Boobies crammed into a very tasty green basque, Keira is reclining on the bed. How she got those huge titties into it is a mystery but they soon pop out, and she plays with them happily. Stripping off the basque to show the full hang of her amazing breasts, she finishes just wearing her stockings; the ultimate blonde busty milf.
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Skin care
Added: 02 February 2016
Keira likes to keep her skin nice and supple. For that you can't beat good old baby oil. She likes to coat her monster titties in it and rub it all in. Then she loves stripping naked, splashing it all over her round belly and tight wet slot. Finally she really enjoys wanking like mad with her sloppy gash all wet with oil and pussy juices.
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Banana split
Added: 17 November 2009
Bananas are good for you, they have lots of vitamin c, vitamin b and potassium. Keira likes them to replace electrolytes after a good hard shagging. She also likes cream with her banana and to stuff it into her ripe pussy. Ending up covering herself in cream and wanking furiously. To be honest we thought her bananas looked very tasty. As a bonus, this week we've added a little video of one of Keira's photoshoots.
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Fun Bags
Added: 15 September 2009
Caitlin is in the mood for a snack and Keira's milk filled fun bags fit the bill exactly. After some cute tongue lashing, it's out with Keira's massive firm titties. They are bigger than Caitlin's head! Finally she probes Keira's tasty soft pussy with a vibrator.
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Caitlin's strap-on
Added: 21 July 2009
Kinky and massive boobed Keira and Caitlin needed no encouragement for a nicely girly session. After some heavyweight snogging the two girls were licking and nibbling at each other's massive hangers, slurping on wet pussies and then Caitlin brought out her strap-on. She fucked Keira all over the bed until she was gasping and moaning with pleasure.
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Keep it Clean
Added: 29 June 2009
Blonde Bombshell Keira is taking a shower. She needs to take good care of those mountainous hangers and her soft round tummy. Taking care to give us a good view of her tits she washes all over not forgetting to rinse her lovely plump twat complete with clit ring. We needed a shower after watching her.
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Threeway strap-on
Added: 19 May 2009
Victoria and Keira have managed to entice plumper Chelsea into their hotel room for some high jinks. In no time three pairs of big soft tits are out and Vicky is being probed by two strap-ons. The girls pound Vicky's soft plump cunt until she is gasping. Lucky girl.
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Fingerlicking Good
Added: 12 May 2009
When Keira shows off her tremendous titties it's something to see. The blonde plumper has an amazing figure with huge boobs and lovely soft curvy belly. She is soon reclining on the bed pulling her wet gash apart, then stuffing first two and finally three finders inside.
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Milky skin
Added: 09 April 2009
When we asked Keira if she wanted a drink she she grabbed the half gallon pack and was soaking herself in. The white milk flowed over her bulging huge titties and round belly. She was coated in it, and had to have a shower to clean up. There was no milk for cornflakes, but we didn't mind.
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By remote control
Added: 31 March 2009
Milf Keira has huge tits and lovely plump figure, made for sex. Luckily for us she loves showing if off and wasted no time in getting her fat twat out and then her massive breasts. Getting horny now, she can't find a toy so uses the TV remote to ram inside her hungry pussy, sticking it all the way in and loving every moment.
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Testing time
Added: 20 March 2009
It's a testing time for Keira as she checks out her collection of cock shaped toys. She measures then against her huge boobs and even the big ones look small. Pulling her panties aside it on with the test as she stuffs her sensitive pussy. Her massive titties wobbling she really pounded herself.
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Sexy nightie
Added: 06 February 2009
Put Keira in a sexy costume and she is always ready for action. Today we dressed her up in a little tiny baby doll nightie and put a good selection of big dildos close to hand. Then we stepped back to watch the fun. In no time she was probing her tight wet cunt with a series of big toys, gasping with pleasure and groaning in orgasm. Her massive titties were wobbling everywhere as she came!
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New lingerie
Added: 09 January 2009
Keira was feeling very juicy the other day in her new lingerie. Her tremendous bulging boobies filling her bra to the max and sexy little burgundy g-string. Pulling her massive titties out she pulled her gusset aside to show off her soaking pussy and clit piercing. Then she was pounding her sensitive pussy with a very knobbly dildo until she came gasping on it.
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Not many to the pound
Added: 04 December 2008
In the interests of science and purely from motives of enquiry we decided to weigh Keira's massively bulky titties. Firstly we had problems finding a scales that would hold one, let alone two of her stupendous hangers, in fact the kitchen scales were much too small. The other problem was Keira was more interested in playing with them than weighing them. As for the final weight? We forgot to write it down so she'll just have to come in and do it again!
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Check up
Added: 27 November 2008
You don't get titties like Keira's on the national health, but if you join the BBB healthcare service you will be guaranteed a nurse with a pair of boobs fit to bust the uniform. First she checks your blood pressure by showing off her massive hangers, then she will test your stamina by getting her soaking wet slot around a huge double dildo. If you can survive all the you are fit to go!
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Tea break
Added: 20 November 2008
It's tea time and maid Keira is here to serve it. After a quick cuppa, she serves herself as well, letting her massive norks hang out of the tiny uniform she is wearing. Pulling her little black knickers tight, she pulls them ruthlessly into her moist slot, then pulls them aside to play with her pierced clitty. Just our cup of tea!
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