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Fucked by Libby
Added: 04 February 2017
Shy Kelly and the cheeky Libby are relaxing. Libby already has Kelly's huge K-cup floppers out, teasing, playing and sucking her nipples. Kelly keeps quiet until Libby spears her wet pussy with a nice black strap on and procedes to roger her senseless!
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Kelly's Best Man
Added: 26 April 2016
Kelly is all dressed up for her wedding day, thats if you get married with monster tits out on show. She is soon joined by the best man at feeling up and playing with those titanic hangers. The slutty Kelly can't wait to get her hands on his hard cock and is soon licking, sucking and slurping all over it. Finally he wanks frantically over her huge boobies while she licks his bulging hammerhead ending in a generous serving of cock sauce! A real bridal shower.
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Three Horny Girls
Added: 22 March 2016
Vicky and Leah, together with new friend Kelly James are being interviewed. The horny cameraman can't resist getting the girls to play with each other and even gets to play with Vicky's hard nipples while filming the action. Finally, Vicky and Leah are told to use a vibrator on Kelly to make her massive tits and belly wobble as she cums for us.
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Xmas Fun
Added: 25 December 2008
Full of Xmas spirit, Kelly James is here as Miss Santa. While Santa has a big sack, Miss Santa comes complete with huge fun bags that she likes to get out at Xmas! Also, despite the cold at the North Pole, she doesn't wear any knickers. She likes playing with a nice toy of her own and unlike Xmas she cums more than once a year!
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