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Milky Mermaid
Added: 19 October 2018
Kores milk expressing is getting out of control as her huge tits keep swelling with milk fill. She loves to squirt and express and this time all over some lucky guy.
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Milk Machine
Added: 26 May 2014
Like big milky tits? See Kores drip and squirt with milk as she pumps out all those massive milkers.
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Pregnant & Horny
Added: 02 December 2013
Kore Godess is pregnant and super horny. See her get Naked and orgasmic.
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Added: 31 October 2012
Kore Godess has Juggs full of Milk. We know that some of you go crazy over that so this set is just for the Milk Lovers x
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Kore's Pussy
Added: 07 September 2011
Kore just adores playing with her wet pussy and shes back to show you more action. Those big tits of hers just always seem to keep growing and getting bigger.
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Pregnant Kore
Added: 25 December 2010
Massively pregnant Kore is showing off one of her dresses which barely holds in her huge hanging titties and massive belly. Pulling out her milky big boobs she shows how they hang and wobble before taking the dress off. Finally naked she plays with her wet pussy, hormones running wild as she looks right into the camera.
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Kore's Interview
Added: 27 August 2009
American slut Kore is playing up to the camera man big time as she answers questions about her monster wangers. She seems permanently on heat as she lets the cameraman feel her huge pink boobs and soft plump belly. Finally it gets too much for both of them as he fondles her big wet pussy.
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Milky Maid
Added: 04 November 2008
When we asked Kore to "get yer milkers out for us" she did just that. Her huge swollen titties were full of sweet milk and she teased us by spraying it and licking her bulging nipples. Loving every minute the cute bbw also got naked and proceded to rub milk all over her body. Now that is what I call a milky bed time drink!
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Bathroom capers
Added: 23 October 2008
It's bathtime for Kore and the cheeky bbw makes the most of posing with her magnificent hanging titties around the bathroom before getting into the bath. Rubbing foam into her soft skin and quivering breasts she made sure to clean all the important bits like her wet slot. Just shows how important it is to keep clean.
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Titties out and proud
Added: 26 June 2008
Kore's really proud of her massive hanging norks. She needs no encouragement to get them out for us. We asked her and she whipped them out in an instant, wobbling and quivering. She played with her big brown nipples and proudly showed off how hard they got.
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Added: 22 April 2008
Spring is in the air as slutty yank bbw Kore decides to get some sun on her amazing bod. She is looking fantastic as she shamelessly gets her huge bulging titties out. Sitting back naked with her soft round tummy and titties hanging naturally she is a picnic fit for a king.
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