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Big Surprise
Added: 06 July 2019
Leah Jayne is in for a surprise when she does Kim's hair as shes wearing a big black strap-on for a night out. Its not long before Leah asks if she can have a go and Kim bends her over and gives her a good hard fucking with it.
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Added: 20 June 2019
Leah's been a naughty girl and has been called in to the Headmaster who dishes out his own form of punishment.
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Saucy Secretary Leah-Jayne
Added: 28 May 2019
Fancy being Leah-Jaynes boss and DICKtating to her in your office???
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Red Spanish Top
Added: 07 April 2019
Leah-Jayne is looking super sexy as shes dressed all Spanishy in her new red top..
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Leahs White Dress
Added: 10 March 2019
Leah Jayne looks stunning as always in this see through white dress. Horny as always she cant wait to stuff that pink dildo up her pussy and make herself cum.
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Blue Dildo
Added: 26 February 2019
Leah-Jaynes got a new dildo and she wants you to watch as she fucks herself with it and cums all over it wishing it was your cock.
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In The Mirror
Added: 28 December 2018
Leah Jayne looking all vintage and gorgeous showing off her best natural assets for you boys.
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Does My Bum Look Big In This???
Added: 28 November 2018
Leahs getting ready for a night out but worried aout the way she looks. Omar convinces her that she looking amazing or rather his cock does as he gives it her all ways and then spunks on her.
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Leah-Jayne Green Dress
Added: 09 May 2018
Leahs got a new dress and she wants to show it off but we can guarantee you will hardly notice that shes wearing it once she gets those amazing big 36J tits out and starts pumping her gorgeous snatch with her dildo.
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Covered in Goop
Added: 11 January 2018
Take a sexy BBW with big tits and cover her in lots of mess? Giant cum shot or just pure dirty fun? You decide!!
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3 Girls 1 Innocent Guy
Added: 28 December 2017
What happens when you take 3 raunchy demanding women and 1 young innocent young boy? Yeah explosion in the pant area, you guessed it.
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All girls together
Added: 19 October 2017
When it's all girls together with Leah, Victoria and Marie you don't have to wait long for the fun to start. The curvy babes are soon playing with each others huge boobs, sucking and tonguing the hard nipples. Then Vicky finds her big double ender and the girls shove it in each others soaking pussies, pounding them hard.
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Huge Hangers
Added: 12 October 2017
Leah Jayne pumped herself into a very tight basque the other day, in the mood to show off her massive, weighty hanging tits. She soon flopped them out and let them hang dangling naturally and then produced a big toy. The naughty plumper was pumping her tight little slit in no time, pounding herself and making those huge hangers shake all over the place.
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Voluptuous Vixens
Added: 06 August 2017
Leah-Jayne & Simone get out the double ender and start fucking each other in this movie. See those big tits wobbling everywhere as they each take turns to fuck themselves with it.
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Food Bondage
Added: 09 June 2017
Lucys in an evil mood and she decided to take Leah-Jayne hostage and cover her in food & mess. Leah-Jayne has to just sit and take it.
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Boobie Tastic
Added: 12 May 2017
Leah-Jayne decides she wants to get up and personal with Simone's juicy pussy. See as she loves feeding her new toy between Simone's love lips and gets her cumming like a train all over it.
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Cant Pay The Rent
Added: 28 April 2017
Oh dear looks like Leahs been spending again and shes not got her rent for when the Landlord comes knocking. Whats she going to do, offer him a shag to keep him happy perhaps?
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Take That Dani
Added: 21 April 2017
Leahs invited Dani round and shes in the mood to play Domme. Danis in for it when Leah produces the strap on and insists on giving Dani a good seeing to with it.
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Oily Wrestling
Added: 31 March 2017
Watch as these 3 naughty girls get covered in baby oil and start wrestling and rolling all over each other. Big tits are flying everywhere boys!!
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Double Titty Delight
Added: 03 March 2017
Leah-Jayne & Cookie get it on when they decided to borrow a double ender. Watch as both these girls get their beautiful big bouncing boobies out and slide themselves up and down on the double dildo.
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Fishnets at home
Added: 18 December 2016
Leah Jayne is all dressed up in her fishnet stockings and sexy outfit but nowhere to go. Not wasting any time, she is soon bouncing her tremendous norks and then pulling them out to play. Pulling down her skirt, she probes and teases her sensitive pussy and then fucks herself wildly with it, cumming wetly all over the coffee table!
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Product Testing
Added: 16 October 2016
Simone and Leah meet their new boss Nichole who wants to try out new toys. Always up for it, Leah's massive boobies are soon out and being slurped on by two hungry mouths. Then it's on to some deep pumping with the new toys, both Simone and Leah orgasming loudly. A real good product test.
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Strap on for Leah
Added: 17 September 2016
Simone and Leah Jayne raided the cupboard and found our strap-on the other day, Simone decided to fuck Leah like the slut she is. After sucking and groping Leah's huge breasts Simone sat back and Leah impaled herself on the big purple plastic cock. Not content with that Simone proceded to fuck Leah hard from behind and on top with two pairs of enormous tits wobbling all over the place. A real strap-on work out!
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Leah-Jayne Fully Fucked
Added: 17 June 2015
Big titted Leah-Jayne likes nothing more than playing with a juicy hard cock. She's the ultimate cum slut, stopping at nothing until she's satisfied and drained her guy completely dry
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Sun Bathing
Added: 13 April 2015
Leah Jayne wants to get a nice all over suntan.
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Glam Chicks
Added: 30 March 2015
Glamourous and horny girls Leah-Jayne & Shanice cant resist having a play together before a night out.
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Pink & Fluffy
Added: 23 February 2015
Leah Jayne back for more naughtiness
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Added: 09 February 2015
Fancy a blowjob off Leah Jayne??
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James pays Leah-Jayne
Added: 02 February 2015
James has always wanted to fuck Leah-Jayne and there's only one way ... hard earned readies!!!
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Nurse Nurse
Added: 26 January 2015
Do you need nursing better? If so Leah-Jayne is just perfect to get your tempreture rising ...
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Swimming Pretties
Added: 19 January 2015
Leah-Jayne and Shanice are having lots of fun at the pool, i bet you wish you were there too?
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Phone Sex
Added: 11 January 2015
Naughty Leah-Jayne just gets so horny she dials a willing participant to give herself some relief.
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On the pool table
Added: 01 December 2014
Leah Jayne has a massive dildo
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Pink Dildo
Added: 10 November 2014
Leah-Jayne has a new pink dildo
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See Through Nightie
Added: 03 November 2014
Leah Jayne teasing in her wet nightie
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Red Stockings
Added: 20 October 2014
Leah-Jayne looking sexy as ever in her red stockings and sexy lingerie.
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Soapy Shower Time with Leah-Jayne
Added: 06 October 2014
See Leah-Jayne lathering up those sexy big tits.
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Added: 04 August 2014
Well James is in for a real treat as Leah-Jayne & Dani Amour decide to give him a night he will never forget.
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Leah French Maid
Added: 21 July 2014
Fancy Leah-Jayne popping round to take care of all ypur domestic needs as well as you cock?
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Bathtub Beauties
Added: 23 June 2014
Leah-Jayne & Shanice soaping up those big titties in the huge bath.
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Rub a Dub 2 Girl in a Tub
Added: 28 April 2014
Leah-Jayne & Shanice get all bubbly and flirty with our camera guy as they enjoy relaxing and kicking back after a hard day.
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Domme Nurse
Added: 31 March 2014
Ever fancied being ill and having a sexy big boobed babe nurse you back to health? Take a look at this set and dream about what could be.
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Boxing Match
Added: 03 February 2014
Leah Jayne & Shanice Richards are arguing whose got the biggest tits. Were still not sure but maybe you can decided for us?
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Naughty Schoolie
Added: 13 January 2014
Leah Jayne hates attending school and shes always in trouble for doing rude things with the boys. Todays not any different and shes being naughty yet again.
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Birthday Boy Surprise
Added: 29 September 2013
Its James birthday or so he thinks when Dani brings home a special surprise in the form of the gorgeous Leah-Jayne. Pretty soon they have got his kit off and both fucking him senseless.
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Naughty Cop
Added: 16 September 2013
Leah Jayne dressed to thrill as a WPC. This time she catches a nosey neighbour spying on the woman next door so she decides its time to teach this guy a lesson!!
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Leah Jayne Crotchless Stocking
Added: 06 August 2013
Leahs looking amazing in this crotchless body stocking. Shes feeling super horny after a whole day of filming and cant wait to get the vibe up her wet snatch to make herself cum. Fancy watching her?
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Leah-Jayne Zebra Print
Added: 30 March 2011
Watch Leah stuffing her new toy up herself like her life depends upon it. She cant get enough of the purple magic until she finally climaxes all over it.
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Hands that do dishes
Added: 07 October 2010
When we sent Leah in to do the washing up, she was more interested in washing her massive bulging titties and wet pussy than any dishes. Sitting on the kitchen counter, we caught her rubbing soap bubbles into her huge hangers and then rubbing her pulsating slot with her rubber gloves on. Pounding her frantic pussy with the kinky rubber gloves, she orgasmed noisily and still no dishes got done.
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All Tied Up
Added: 17 December 2009
Vicky has Leah Jayne tied up on her St Andrews Cross and is determined to use the opportunity to explore Leah's huge, hanging hooters and pouting wet pussy. Totally in her control Leah has to submit to being examined and played with by the insatiable Vicky.
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Me and my big tits
Added: 18 September 2009
Leah Jayne takes some time out to properly introduce us to her massive mammaries. Tightly pumped into a little dress and showing miles of cleavage she tells us a little about herself, all the while stroking and fondling her J cup baps. Pulling them out she shows off how they shake and shudder and then fondly rubs her sensitive little pussy. Finally she pounds her slot with a big pink toy and a very noisy orgasm.
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Three Girl Show
Added: 11 September 2009
Get Leah, Victoria and Mellons Marie in the same room together and you have a whole lot of tasty woman flesh to look at. The three girls were keen to get their huge firm boobs out and compare them. Not content with that, it turned into a "who's got the best bum" competition and the sight of three such round firm arses is sure to get your pulse racing.
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Fucking Leah
Added: 18 August 2009
Naughty Marie is at it again, this time she's after Leah Jaynes huge round hangers. After licking and sucking them it's panties down for some plunging strap on action. Leah sucks Marie's plastic cock before getting on top and impaling herself on it, loving every inch. Finally Marie flips her over and takes her doggy style like the huge titted slut she is.
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Silver Dress
Added: 14 August 2009
Leah is showing off her ample curves in her nice tight little silver dress. She soon has her huge floppers out and is exploring her pouting wet pussy.
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Naked on the side
Added: 02 June 2009
Massively titted plumper Leah Jayne is in the kitchen, not cooking but getting her huge hangers and plump pussy out! Perched in front of the toaster she shows off her fat little pink twat and hard clit, pulling herself apart with gusto. Finally unleashing her massive bosom from the tight top, she drills herself hard and fast.
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The two Leahs
Added: 28 April 2009
Two Leahs for the price of one. Leah Jayne and Curvy Leah couldn't wait to meet up and check out each others mega titties. Two lovely girls, two huge pairs of tits, two big bums and two wet pussies. Interacial heaven.
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Titty Oiling
Added: 02 April 2009
Always keen to help, when we asked for two girls to demonstrate tit oiling Victoria and Leah were there in a flash. The two girls love playing and handling each others massive full boobs and took great care to make sure they were covered in oil. Very slippery and very soft.
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Added: 19 March 2009
Bored Leah is stuck at home alone. Of course, for naughty sluts like Leah Jayne there is always something to play with, in this case a huge double dildo. She stuffs it into her already wet hole, while her huge soft hangers roll and shake, and her face turns red with pleasure. Bring on more boring days we say.
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Boobs in body stocking
Added: 11 November 2008
We love a good body stocking; they reveal, conceal and monster tits look great in them. Here Leah Jayne is modeling one of the fishnet and crotchless variety that holds her mammoth breasts in nicely but still shows all. Those curves look fantastic encased in tight nylon!
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Rope work
Added: 10 September 2008
Leah is practising her rope work and how well she can tangle up her massive mounds in some neat ropes. Pulling out her huge J cup breasts she soon has them tied up and hanging suspended from ropes, making her pink nipples really stand out. Finally, she lies back exhausted with her hands tied and her huge rack wobbling.
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Glammed up
Added: 10 June 2008
Leah was all glammed up wearing a micro outfit that did little to hide her mountainous hooters. Looking gorgeous she soon had those monster hangers out showing off their amazing shape. Finally she pulled her gusset aside to show off her candy pink pussy lips and moist slot.
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