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Aero package
Added: 04 September 2009
Samantha is still keen to get into motorsport and this time is modeling a very tight rubber dress and hold up stockings. Pulling her tremendous titties out she shows off her pit lane skills with a dazzling display of boobtastic aerodynamics, pulling shaking and hanging them in all directions. The best aero package we've ever seen by far.
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Pit Stop
Added: 06 January 2009
Samantha Jayne was auditioning to be a motor racing pit girl. Dressed in a tight little racing jacket that barely held her mountainous big bust in check she made a real impression. To clinch it she soon had those huge white titties out and was posing confidently with them. We reckon they are worth a pit stop anytime.
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Hanging hooters
Added: 05 December 2008
Samantha Jayne is back again, this time showing off her humungously huge hooters in a little yellow slip with a tiny thong underneath. Pulling out her 40JJ baps, she pulls and hangs them in all directions taking great delight in how they fall and hang. Finally she trys leaning back on the sofa and lets them fall on her head, almost disappearing from view!
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Maid for pleasure
Added: 12 September 2008
Lady of the Manor, Claire is intent on keeping maid Samantha Jayne in line. Claire has some new ideas on working practices which mainly seem to be getting Samantha to suck and lick her huge fat titties. Not content with that, she is soon having her wet gash licked and probed and keen to return the favour.
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Little black dress
Added: 05 September 2008
Samantha Jayne was looking all smart in her (very) little black dress. It only just about kept her massively huge JJ-cup boobies in check. To complete the look, Sammy soon flopped her enormous knockers out and was bouncing and shaking them, almost hitting herself in the face with them.
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Book club
Added: 25 October 2007
Samantha Jayne is always keen to keep up on her reading and especially wearing her favourite costume, a tight basque that barely keeps her bulging big boobies in check. Slipping her huge JJ titties out she is soon ignoring the book to give those beauties the attention they deserve, nursing and cuddling them.
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Lingerie show
Added: 06 September 2007
When Samantha Jayne says she wants to show off some new lingerie, we sit up and take notice as it means she also wants to show off her unfeasably huge titties as well. Today was no exception and after posing with her new basque for a few minutes, she hooked her massive mammaries out and let them flop everywhere. What a sight!
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DIY Lesson
Added: 09 August 2007
When Samantha Jayne is doing diy, her costume of choice is a nice tight basque that only just fits around her stupendously bulging JJ cup boobs. Of course she is more comfortable working with them hanging out and shows off with all her tools, which look tiny compared to her enormous titties.
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