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Ready for Bed
Added: 06 June 2019
Its almost bedtime but big titted beauty Shanice Richards loves to get her knockers out at anytime day or night. A guaranteed hard on with the cracking girl.
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Shakin That Ass
Added: 26 October 2018
See the gorgeous Shanice as shes Shakin her ass as well as those glorious boobies.
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Keeping Warm
Added: 30 August 2018
Shanice keeps warm in front of the fire and not surprising given the clothing she is wearing. Her skimpy black lace dress looks fantastic on her gorgeous Voluptuous figure and those massive 36JJJ boobies.
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Cute & Curvy
Added: 24 February 2018
More Shanice and shes looking as curvy and cute as ever. Shanice has the body of a curaceous angel, big boobs and big bootie.
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3 Girls 1 Innocent Guy
Added: 28 December 2017
What happens when you take 3 raunchy demanding women and 1 young innocent young boy? Yeah explosion in the pant area, you guessed it.
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Double Dildo Delight
Added: 05 November 2017
Kim's travelled a long way to see Shanice, shes heard how horny she is and how big those lovely titties are. Once she clapped eyes on them she cannot resist having a play and getting down to business.
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Washing the Car
Added: 30 June 2017
Fancy getting your car washed? Just bring it round to Big Bouncing Boobies & im sure Shanice will oblidge. Rubbing her big wet soapy tits all over your hot bonnet and windscreen. Be careful not to blow a gasket!!
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Oily Wrestling
Added: 31 March 2017
Watch as these 3 naughty girls get covered in baby oil and start wrestling and rolling all over each other. Big tits are flying everywhere boys!!
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Added: 02 December 2015
Shanice decided that she would meet and suck a fan, so thats what she did and we persuaded her to let us bring along our camera and capture the moment so you could enjoy and imgaine that in actual fact its your cock that shes sucking hard on.
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Glam Chicks
Added: 30 March 2015
Glamourous and horny girls Leah-Jayne & Shanice cant resist having a play together before a night out.
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Swimming Pretties
Added: 19 January 2015
Leah-Jayne and Shanice are having lots of fun at the pool, i bet you wish you were there too?
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Bathtub Beauties
Added: 23 June 2014
Leah-Jayne & Shanice soaping up those big titties in the huge bath.
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Rub a Dub 2 Girl in a Tub
Added: 28 April 2014
Leah-Jayne & Shanice get all bubbly and flirty with our camera guy as they enjoy relaxing and kicking back after a hard day.
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Boxing Match
Added: 03 February 2014
Leah Jayne & Shanice Richards are arguing whose got the biggest tits. Were still not sure but maybe you can decided for us?
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Soaking up the suds
Added: 20 October 2013
Shanice needs a nice long relaxation after a day of filming. She runs a nice hot bath and chills out making herself cum.
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Shanice Wets Herself
Added: 02 September 2013
Shanice is a naughty girl she as she wets herself because she cannot wait for the loo. See it all gushing out in this watersports sexy special.
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Bubbles in the Bathroom
Added: 07 May 2013
Shanice looks amazing here and it seems her tits are just getting bigger. She needed a nice long relax so we ran her a lovely bubble bath and she gladly jumped in and let us film her.
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Picnic Time
Added: 02 January 2013
Shanice gets in amess as we feed her a picnic. The boobs get in the way and she pretty soon got it all down her front. Messy girl.
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Shanice Sploshy
Added: 18 September 2012
See this hilarious video of Shanice getting sploshed. Shes not impressed one bit but manages to laugh and smile throughout. Good girl x
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Sexy Smoker
Added: 13 August 2012
For all you smoking fetishers out there - this one is for you x
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Bedroom Pretty
Added: 10 March 2012
Shanice Richards gets all dressed up and pretty for her latest Bedroom set. You might think butter wouldnt melt, but you will be surprised.
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Hot Tub Relax
Added: 30 November 2011
Shanice came to visit and she wanted to have a splash and a relax in the hot tub. See how gorgeous she looks in this video it will make you want to dive in next to her.
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Rack The Balls
Added: 26 October 2011
Shanice is on hand for a game of pool, so if you fancy your chances against keep your nerves steady, it wont last long as soon as she starts to strip and you see her killer curvy body!!
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