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When I'm cleaning windows
Added: 14 March 2018
When the windows needed cleaning, Shugar was first in offering to make a very good job of them. Stripping naked she covered her huge boobs in suds and proceded to wipe all over the panes with them. Rubbing the massive mammaries all over the windows soon did the job and Shugar relaxed totally naked and soaking wet.
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Tit wanking
Added: 02 September 2015
Lusty BBW milf Shugar takes good care of her huge 42JJ hangers and what better way than to give them good excercise than a nice tit wank? After finding a lucky guy, she engulfs his hard cock with her gigantic boobies and rubs away with her body for all she is worth. After some energetic tit wanking he annoints her titties with a very nicely placed dollop of cock juice.
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Cock snacking
Added: 12 December 2008
Cock hungry Shugar is feeling peckish so has a good nibble on a hard cock that just happens to be handy. She really sucks, slurps and swallows the hard cock, pulling out her massive titties and showing off her wet slot. Finally the guy comes in her mouth and she takes the time to suck and lick the thick cum from his still hard shaft.
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Cooking Mama
Added: 28 November 2008
Plump Yank BBW Sugar is making a nice mess in the kitchen with her tiny top and kinky tight stockings. She is soon smearing whipped cream all over her massive tits and moist cunt. Loving every minute, Sugar shows all her massive curves and big fat arse. Finally she cleans up under the tap like a good cook should.
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Oiled up
Added: 14 October 2008
Slutty BBW Sugar has big soft breasts, nice fat tummy and a lovely soft arse. Oiling up her big hangers, she rubs it in making them look all shiny and slick. Finally she pulls her knickers down to reveal a plump slit and oils that up as well. Slick with oil and pouting at the camera, Sugar is definitely our cup of tea.
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Mirror image
Added: 26 September 2008
Shugar loves checking out her massive boobies and when we put a mirror in front of her it wasn't long before she was getting them out and admiring them. Pulling the massive boobs to her mouth she sucked and licked the hard nipples, all the time admiring her own amazing curvy figure.
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In the study
Added: 04 September 2008
The slutty and sexy plumper Shugar is relaxing in her study. It looks like it's devoted to the study of dildos as she has a big double one out all ready for us. Pulling the top of her dress down to reveal truly huge breasts, she leans back in her chair showing a mountain of boobflesh. Then it it's up with the dress to show off her moist slit, before plunging that huge black dildo all the way in, looking cheekily at the camera over her glasses.
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