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Not relaxed at all
Added: 28 June 2019
Sitting at home, Simone decides to relax with a magazine. She doesn't seem to get very relaxed as she pulls out her stupendous norks, playing with the big nipples. Soon she is playing with her throbbing pussy and pulling apart her huge labia. Finally she gets really relaxed shoving her fingers firmly into her soaking pussy and orgasms loudly. Warning, not relaxing to watch!
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Bondaged Food Play
Added: 23 June 2018
Simones tied up and made to take whatever we throw at her. She gets covered ....
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Simone Pole Dancer
Added: 07 March 2018
Mega curvy Simone is showing off her moves on the pole dance stage. Wrapping her giant tits around the pole she gives pole dancing a whole new meaning. First rubbing her wet cunt and pierced clit she brings out a spiky big blue vibrator and crams it in. Squatting on the toy she grinds down hard on it, coming to a wet and noisy cum.
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Simone's Dressing Room
Added: 30 October 2017
We catch up with Simone as shes super busy between her busy schedule of filming so much porn we had to visit her dressing room. Still looking as hot as ever she couldnt resist getting out her little vibe to play with her clit.
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Simone's Red Undies
Added: 13 August 2017
Watch as Simones fills her pussy with her pink monster dildo. See those big pussy lips sliding back and forth over it as she cums several times and it gets all wet and slippery. She just can't get enough.
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Voluptuous Vixens
Added: 06 August 2017
Leah-Jayne & Simone get out the double ender and start fucking each other in this movie. See those big tits wobbling everywhere as they each take turns to fuck themselves with it.
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Boobie Tastic
Added: 12 May 2017
Leah-Jayne decides she wants to get up and personal with Simone's juicy pussy. See as she loves feeding her new toy between Simone's love lips and gets her cumming like a train all over it.
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Pounding my hole
Added: 11 February 2017
The lovely Simone is back again this week showing off her massive titties in a sexy chemise. Wasting no time she pulls out her huge hangers stroking and teasing them before pulling her panties aside to probe her pussy. After massaging her huge pussy lips and pierced clitty she pulls out a rabbit toy and plunges it into her very wet hole, changing positions and thrusting deeply. Finally she lies back and cums loudly over the lucky rabbit, licking it clean to finish.
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OOOhhh Yessssss
Added: 31 December 2016
Omar returns and this time its to give the lovely 34JJ Simone Stephens a good seeing to. See her swallow his massive black cock like he rlife depends upon it and when he fucks her she just cant get enough.
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Simone's Sunday Stuffing
Added: 04 December 2016
It's Sunday and pretty Simone is all ready for her man to give her a real good stuffing. Playing with her massive tits, belly and then fucking her all over the bed. Watch as her tits and belly wobble and shake as she grinds down on his cock, finishing with lovely spurts of cock juice on her tits.
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Breast Therapy
Added: 13 November 2016
Presenting the latest alternative treatment for Winter blues; Nurse Simone and her patented breast therapy. It's very simple and very effective, Simeone gets her massive bulging hangers out and plays with them, then with her huge pussy lips and soaking pussy. You have to watch her until you feel better, we needed a lot of treatment but did feel better afterwards!
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Slutty in Black
Added: 06 November 2016
Curvy slut Simone is back doing what she does best. Crammed into a tight basque she pulls out her huge pendulous knockers, sucking and licking them. Her hand creeps inside her tiny panties to stroke and fondle her wet pussy and long labia lips. Taking a large toy she rams it hard loving every moment. Her massive wangers and plump tummy wobble and shake as she loudly orgasms. Finally she sucks the toy dry looking straight into the camera!
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Product Testing
Added: 16 October 2016
Simone and Leah meet their new boss Nichole who wants to try out new toys. Always up for it, Leah's massive boobies are soon out and being slurped on by two hungry mouths. Then it's on to some deep pumping with the new toys, both Simone and Leah orgasming loudly. A real good product test.
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Strap on for Leah
Added: 17 September 2016
Simone and Leah Jayne raided the cupboard and found our strap-on the other day, Simone decided to fuck Leah like the slut she is. After sucking and groping Leah's huge breasts Simone sat back and Leah impaled herself on the big purple plastic cock. Not content with that Simone proceded to fuck Leah hard from behind and on top with two pairs of enormous tits wobbling all over the place. A real strap-on work out!
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Fun on the Phone
Added: 10 September 2016
Simone Stephens returns and this time shes having some naughty fun on the phone with some random guy who calls in. Watch as she rubs her bigger than ever tits and pussy just for you!!
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Simone Liptastic
Added: 04 August 2016
The very pretty and VERY curvy Simone Stephens makes a welcome visit to our sofa. She plays with her huge soft round tits and gives flashing smiles to the camera. Teasing us, she pulls her knickers to one side to reveal her huge pussy lips and cute clit piercing. Teasing those long lips she plunges a finger inside her sopping cunt and shakes to a glorious cum. Lipsmackingly good.
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Lucy & Simone
Added: 15 June 2016
Lucy & Simone are messing about on the bed and they decide to get it on for their first time ever. See Simone give Lucys pussy a damn good lick before Lucy puts on the strap-on and fucks her from behind.
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Maid Service
Added: 03 May 2016
Poor maid Simone is trying to tidy up but the guy in the room is no help at all. He's more interested in getting his hands on Simone's massive hangers and huge juicy pussy flaps. She quickly releases his knob and sucks on it better than her hoover. Then the lucky maid is fucked furiously in various positions until the guy shoots his load on her massive tits. Finally, the guy licks his own cum off Simone's drenched boobs, kinky bugger!
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Huge Hangers
Added: 05 April 2016
Looking great as usual Simone is relaxing with her boobs appearing mountainous under a loose summer dress. Fondling and playing with them under the dress just isn't enough and she gets them out to play in all their glory. After some very energetic boobplay, she's teasing her big wet pussy lips. Still horny, a nice pink vibrator comes to her rescue and she pumps herself proudly looking into the camera for approval.
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Wedding Night
Added: 12 January 2016
Young Bride Simone is nervous, she's never had sex before and isn't sure she's going to like it. After showing us her heavenly huge hooters she brings out a large toy to get her in the mood. Throwing caution to the winds she is soon ramming it into her hot wet pussy like a trooper. Finally a massive cum, a lick of the toy and she's all ready for her wedding night!
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Threesome Delight
Added: 11 November 2015
We got in a hired helped Omar to give both Lucy & Simone a good seeing to. Hear both girls squeal in delight as they unleash his big black cock and get to work taking it in turns sucking on it, its not long before they are begging for him to stuff their pussies with his mighty meat.
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Relaxing on the Couch
Added: 28 October 2015
Carry those heavy tits around all day is a hard job so Simone's taking some time out to relax on the sofa. As ever she has soon got her tits out and playing with her massive vulva and rubbing herself into orgasm.
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Cock Gobblin'
Added: 26 August 2015
Simone Stephens loves showing off her titanic mammary glands and also loves cock! Here she gets to indulge both hobbies by firstly stripping off and covering her massive tits with oil. Then, she teases the lucky cameraman giving him a super tit fuck and blowjob. Finally she wanks his cock feverishly until he spurts a massive dose of spunk all over those huge round titties.
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Boobs and strap-on
Added: 29 July 2015
Simone is staying over with Nichole. One thing Nichole likes is huge big titties and a pretty face, so perfect for her. Getting Simone's massive boulders out, she rubs her face in them and sucks her nipples hard. Nichole has a surprise though, she's got a strap on hidden and procedes to fuck Simone like the little slut she is, until she orgasms helplessly.
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A night in Simone
Added: 14 November 2008
It's a boring night in front of the tv for Simone and her stud. She's more in the mood for something else and soon tempts him with her massive titties and biting his nipples. Clearly a lady who gets what she wants, she has his cock in hand and then guiding it between her huge wet labia complete with clit piercing. Riding him madly, she finshes with him giving her lashings of cock sauce over her tits until they look like glazed buns!
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