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Victoria & The Wand
Added: 27 September 2018
Vicki came to stay for a few days and her eyes lit up when she saw my wand, she was desperate to have a go as she heard how good they are. In the end i gave in if she let me film it. See the result here ....
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All girls together
Added: 19 October 2017
When it's all girls together with Leah, Victoria and Marie you don't have to wait long for the fun to start. The curvy babes are soon playing with each others huge boobs, sucking and tonguing the hard nipples. Then Vicky finds her big double ender and the girls shove it in each others soaking pussies, pounding them hard.
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Office Frolicks
Added: 14 January 2017
Marie-Louise gives Victoria a telling off after finding her using her work time to make personal calls. Victoria begs to do anything in return to keep her job and Marie-Louise takes out her strap-on and gives her a good seeing to as punishment.
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Double Treat
Added: 11 December 2016
Vickie and Marie Louise are always up for some fun, so when stuck them on a bed and gave then a double ended dildo it was electric. Two massive pairs of tits and big bums wobbling and shaking as the girls pounded each other with the toy. A real big boobed double treat.
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Victoria - The Offer
Added: 28 July 2016
Vicky is always open to offers; when stud Tony shows up with a fist full of cash her eyes light up. Soon he's groping Vickys massive tits and sucking her huge brown nipples. After sucking his rock hard cock she wraps her tits around it, then he's sticking it into her soaking fat pussy and pumping her. Finally he shoots a massive dose of cock juice into her willing mouth and all over her face.
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Titty Overload
Added: 14 October 2015
Stud Dougie loves huge boobs and big bums. He gets more than he can handle with Vicky and Leah, sucking, licking and humping to a standstill as the girls play with his massive hard cock and he gets "titty overload"!
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Boucing Bra
Added: 12 August 2015
Vicky is trying out a new white bra. She shakes, wobbles and bounces her plunging cleavage and then proudly removes it to show off her massive tits with their huge brown nipples. Not content with that, Vicky then pulls off her knickers and stuffs her knobbly glass toy into a very wet and open pussy. After some energetic thrusting she finishes with a noisy shuddering cum.
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Not many to the pound
Added: 27 May 2015
Two pairs of massive boobies go head to head as Vicky and Kelly explore each others bodies. Kelly's titties are mountainous and our Vicky wastes no time in feeling them and playing with the big pink nipples. The two girls get deeply into it, licking, rubbing and probing each others wet pussies before riding a double ended dildo to noisy orgasms. What a treat.
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Victoria's New Frock
Added: 08 March 2010
Lovely Vicky shows off her new summer frock, but she can't resist getting her massive soft jugs out and then hitching her dress to ram a silver dildo into her tight wet pussy. Watch the close ups of her soaking pussy as she stuffs herself to a shaking climax.
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All Tied Up
Added: 17 December 2009
Vicky has Leah Jayne tied up on her St Andrews Cross and is determined to use the opportunity to explore Leah's huge, hanging hooters and pouting wet pussy. Totally in her control Leah has to submit to being examined and played with by the insatiable Vicky.
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Office break
Added: 23 September 2009
Vickie is stuck in the office and bored so takes a break to get her massive boobies and wet pussy out to play. Rubbing her massive tits and playing with her throbbing pussy, she gets caught by the boss. The poor guy has no chance when Vickie shows off her ample charms and she is soon sucking wildly on his cock. After licking her pulsating gash, it's over the desk for Vickie as she gets the hard shagging she was gagging for!
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Three Girl Show
Added: 11 September 2009
Get Leah, Victoria and Mellons Marie in the same room together and you have a whole lot of tasty woman flesh to look at. The three girls were keen to get their huge firm boobs out and compare them. Not content with that, it turned into a "who's got the best bum" competition and the sight of three such round firm arses is sure to get your pulse racing.
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Naughty chair
Added: 08 September 2009
Vicky has been put in the naughty chair for being a greedy girl. Tied up she soon gets more than she's bargained for as we got two guys in off the street to play with her big round tits and massive nipples. Vicky is soon licking her lips, however and when the guys get their cocks out she is sucking and slurping on them while they fondle her soaking pussy. As a punishment it didn't really work, Vicky loved every minute!
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Check me out
Added: 11 August 2009
Vicky and Chelsea both have lovely big boobies and decided to check them out. Caitlin was licking and sucking Vicky's massive brown ariolas and hard nipples. Vicky, who always loves big boobies was soon nibbling Chelsea's hard pink nipples.
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Dirty girl
Added: 16 June 2009
When she's been dirty, Vicky likes to get clean in the shower. Soaking her huge boobs with the monster brown nipples, she is clearly enjoying showing off. Sitting down in the bath, Vicky is soon stroking her hot vulva as the water tickles it, then spraying it on her hard clit.
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Threeway strap-on
Added: 19 May 2009
Victoria and Keira have managed to entice plumper Chelsea into their hotel room for some high jinks. In no time three pairs of big soft tits are out and Vicky is being probed by two strap-ons. The girls pound Vicky's soft plump cunt until she is gasping. Lucky girl.
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Show off
Added: 07 April 2009
Vicky came in to demonstrate her new toy, her massive bust jiggling nicely in the little top she was wearing. She soon had her tits out and was sucking and licking that huge dildo. Then she was cramming into her tight pussy. Finally she pulled her knickers down so she could fuck herself properly with it, loving every tight inch as it penetrated her boiling twat.
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Titty Oiling
Added: 02 April 2009
Always keen to help, when we asked for two girls to demonstrate tit oiling Victoria and Leah were there in a flash. The two girls love playing and handling each others massive full boobs and took great care to make sure they were covered in oil. Very slippery and very soft.
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Beach dress
Added: 26 February 2009
Vicky was trying on a little beach dress when we saw her the other day. Being Vicky, of course she had nothing on underneath and soon had her big bosom out proudly. Her massive nipples almost covering the end of her tits, she was sucking a big dildo and then cheekily plunging it into her soft wet pussy. Nothing beats the look of content on Vicky's face when her hot slit is full of hard cock.
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Washing up
Added: 01 January 2009
Vicky is trying to get the washing up done like a good girl, but Mellons Marie has some other ideas about Vicky's massive tits and pouting pussy. Soon the girls have abandoned all ideas of housework and are working on each other; sucking and licking massive wobbling boobs and wet pussies. Finally Marie takes a huge long dildo and crams it up Vicky's pulsating twat to everyone's delight!
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Ready to go
Added: 09 December 2008
Lovely Vicky is all ready to go with her boobs out and stockings on. Pulling her skimpy panties to one side she stuffs her fingers into her tingling twat, then pulling them down shows off her tight little bum hole. When Vicky is ready, we're all ready to watch.
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Added: 24 September 2008
When Sophie was feeling a bit poorly, who better than naughty busty nurse Victoria to put a smile on her face. Part of the therapy included Vickie pulling out her massive titties to expose the huge brown nipples, then examining Sophies boobs and soaking pussy closely, gently massaging the wet lips and clit with her tongue. Sophie was feeling a lot better in no time.
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Vick the builder
Added: 08 August 2008
We've got the builders in and who should turn up, dressed for work but Victoria with her massive boobies stretching out her overalls. She wasted no time in getting down to work, pulling out her huge H cup titties and stuffing them into a bucket. After some boobplay and a quick tea break she really got down to work. Showing off and playing with her mammoth mammaries we were really pleased with the work.
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Spanking the nun
Added: 11 September 2007
Very naughty and extremely busty nun, Victoria has been thinking lustful thoughts, so Sophie decides to dish out some punishment. After tying her up to a cross, the pennance seems to mainly consist of handling, rubbing, grabbing, licking and sucking on Victoria's amazing H cup rack! Pulling her nun's habit open, Sophie also makes the most of a chance to feel up her lovely soft arse.
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