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Denise Davies' Anal Toy
Added: 02 October 2018
Denise Davies is always welcome and when she brings in her new anal toy it's definitely worth watching. After a short intro she stuffs it right up her tight arse and we can see her enjoy it close up. She reams her willing bumhole with the other part of the toy rubbing her soaking cunt lips until she screams with pleasure. She really likes a good bumming it seems!
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Lounging with Denise
Added: 22 June 2016
Denise spends some time on the bed chatting to a fan of her enormous titties. Teasing the guy she gets them out and plays with them all the time, rubbing the phone on her huge areola and hard nipples, never mind phone sex this is phone boobs!
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Added: 02 February 2012
Denise had so many guys asking to see her smoking she decided to give it a go. For smoking fetishes out there - this one is for you!!
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Wonder Woman
Added: 28 December 2011
Denise Davies is sure a wonder woman and she proves it here as she is back for another video with her great 34JJ assets and dirty pussy.
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Denise's Rabbit
Added: 10 March 2011
Denise Davies unleashes her tremendous titties and gets down and dirty with her rampant rabbit. Stuffing it up her cunt she squeals with joy, finally shuddering as she explodes all over it.
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Fancy a pint?
Added: 14 October 2010
When relaxing we like a pint in the local, and what could be better when your local has mega breasted Denise Davies strutting her stuff behind the bar? Pulling and shaking her mammouth JJ mammaries, sucking on her huge nipples she gave us a thirst in no time. Taking a bottle of beer, she rubbed and then shoved it into her throbbing gash until she came all over the optics!
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Denise's Bike
Added: 01 October 2009
Denise fitness regime is more about getting her big floppy tits out and waggling them rather than aerobics. She soon tires of riding the bike and pulls out her huge hangers to shake and sway. Soon she is rubbing her pussy through her panties and squirming on the seat. A real excercise in huge tits!
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Denise's Tight Top
Added: 03 September 2009
Denise Davies has outragously large tits and also likes forcing them into small tops, the perfect combination. Watch as Denise shows off her enormous mammaries first restrained in a tight black top then free as nature intended. Pleased with this, the dirty mare pulls her gusset aside and procedes to finger and pull at her big wet cunt, with her giant norks wobbling and shaking. Tit-tastic!
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Red Basque, gaping pussy
Added: 04 June 2009
Denise Davies is pumped into a tight red basque and determined to show off her mountainous wangers and creamy cunt. After playing with her huge tits she pulls out a toy and reams her gaping hole with it. Really noisy, she shudders and wobbles those boobies as she screams with pleasure.
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