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Banana split
Added: 17 November 2009
Bananas are good for you, they have lots of vitamin c, vitamin b and potassium. Keira likes them to replace electrolytes after a good hard shagging. She also likes cream with her banana and to stuff it into her ripe pussy. Ending up covering herself in cream and wanking furiously. To be honest we thought her bananas looked very tasty. As a bonus, this week we've added a little video of one of Keira's photoshoots.
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Keep it Clean
Added: 30 June 2009
Blonde Bombshell Keira is taking a shower. She needs to take good care of those mountainous hangers and her soft round tummy. Taking care to give us a good view of her tits she washes all over not forgetting to rinse her lovely plump twat complete with clit ring. We needed a shower after watching her.
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