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Added: 03 December 2015
Shanice decided that she would meet and suck a fan, so thats what she did and we persuaded her to let us bring along our camera and capture the moment so you could enjoy and imgaine that in actual fact its your cock that shes sucking hard on.
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Soaking up the suds
Added: 21 October 2013
Shanice needs a nice long relaxation after a day of filming. She runs a nice hot bath and chills out making herself cum.
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Bubbles in the Bathroom
Added: 08 May 2013
Shanice looks amazing here and it seems her tits are just getting bigger. She needed a nice long relax so we ran her a lovely bubble bath and she gladly jumped in and let us film her.
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Picnic Time
Added: 03 January 2013
Shanice gets in amess as we feed her a picnic. The boobs get in the way and she pretty soon got it all down her front. Messy girl.
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Shanice Sploshy
Added: 19 September 2012
See this hilarious video of Shanice getting sploshed. Shes not impressed one bit but manages to laugh and smile throughout. Good girl x
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Sexy Smoker
Added: 14 August 2012
For all you smoking fetishers out there - this one is for you x
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Rack The Balls
Added: 27 October 2011
Shanice is on hand for a game of pool, so if you fancy your chances against keep your nerves steady, it wont last long as soon as she starts to strip and you see her killer curvy body!!
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